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Where to Buy Snus in Bangkok & Thailand: The Ultimate Guide

In Thailand, the quest for quality Snus has been met with varying degrees of success—until now. This blog emerges as your definitive guide to navigating the Snus landscape across Bangkok and beyond. With insider tips and comprehensive listings, we aim to simplify your search for the finest Snus. Whether you're a local aficionado or an expat seeking a taste of home, this guide promises to be your indispensable resource for all things Snus in Thailand.

The Appeal of Snus in Thailand

A map of Thailand with the Thai flag lying on top of it. On the right hand side of the flag is a tin of Islay Loose Snus.

Snus's popularity in Thailand is rooted in its cultural fit and the social scene it complements. Its discreet usage aligns with the Thai preference for convenience and subtlety, appealing to both locals and the expatriate community. The rise of health-conscious consumers looking for alternatives to smoking has further bolstered its acceptance. Social gatherings and networking events often see Snus as a shared interest, fostering a sense of community among its users. This trend reflects Thailand's openness to alternative tobacco products, making Snus a favored choice.

Buying Snus in Bangkok

A picture of the Bangkok skyline with a location sign with the words "locations in Bangkok" written on it.

Bangkok's landscape for Snus aficionados is dotted with notable spots that cater to both the variety seekers and the community-oriented. The city's vibrant snus scene is anchored by:

  • Snus Source: Located at W District and Sukhumvit Soi 6
  • Wine Gallery: Located at EmQuartier positioned on the ground floor
  • Wine Gallery: Located at Siam Paragon positioned on the ground floor
  • The Game: Located at BTS Nana
  • The Old English: Located at BTS Thong Lor
  • Shenanigans: Located at Surawong Road
  • O’Shea’s: Located at Sukhumvit 33/1
  • The Royal Oak: Located at Sukhumvit 33/1
  • The Session: Located at Silom complex
  • The Alley Cat: Located at Khao San

These locations not only provide access to high-quality Snus but also serve as cultural hubs where users gather, share experiences, and enjoy the communal aspects of Snus consumption. The presence of such diverse venues across Bangkok highlights the city's role as a pivotal center for the Snus community, ensuring that enthusiasts are well catered to, regardless of their preferences. This thriving ecosystem supports the growing popularity of Snus, making Bangkok a key destination for both locals and visitors interested in exploring the rich tapestry of Snus offerings.

Snus Availability in Hua Hin

A picture of a beach in Hua Hin with a location sign with the words "locations in Hua Hin" written on it.

For Snus enthusiasts visiting or residing in Hua Hin, the following locations are noteworthy:

  • Wine Cellar: Located at Bluport
  • JLSD, Damnoen Kasem

Finding Snus in Chiang Mai

A picture of a temple on a mountain in Chiang Mai with a location sign with the words "locations in Chiang Mai" written on it.

In Chiang Mai, Snus seekers can visit:

  • Shogun Minimart

Snus Outlets in Coastal Areas (Andaman)

A picture of a beach on Koh Phi Phi with a location sign with the words "locations in the south (Andaman)" written on it.

For those seeking Snus on Thailand's Andaman side, you'll find it at these locations:

Koh Lanta:

  • Lanta Minimart
  • JIT Minimart
  • Restaurant 51
  • MINIMART (next to Lanta Optic)

Khao Lak:

  • Lucky Restaurant


  • Backpacker Bar 
  • Nok Minimart (Ao Nang)

Koh Phi Phi:

  • 7 Elephant Minimart
  • 24 Hours Minimart
  • Ko Chai Grocery

Koh Lipe:

  • HÅLLIDEJ BAR (Walking street)

    Snus Outlets in Coastal Areas (Gulf of Thailand)

    A picture of a beach on Koh Samui with a location sign with the words "locations in the south (Gulf Thailand)" written on it.

    Koh Samui:

    • Bodega Trading
    • BM Grocery
    • Bangrak Minimart
    • Sukgasem Liquor Shop
    • Night Market Fisherman Village
    • Saver Mart
    • 24 Mini Mart

    Koh Phangan:

    • The Ugly Duckling
    • Salty Dog Bar
    • Big A Supermarket
    • 16 Express Minimart

    Snus in Phuket

    A picture of a beach on Phuket island with a location sign with the words "locations in Phuket" written on it.

    In Phuket, Snus availability spans across various locations:


    • 999 Minimart Kata 
    • Fresh Supermarket 
    • Little Mermaid 


    • Karlssons Restaurant
    • EAT Steakhouse
    • Jay’s Kitchen 
    • 99 Minimart
    • Drink Eat Reggae Bar 
    • EAT Bar & Grill 


    • Karlssons Restaurant & Hotel 
    • Harry’s Restaurant 
    • The Snusman
    • Backpacker Bar 

    Kamala Beach:

    • Minimart Sunwing Ocean Group Hotel 
    • Mama Mia Restaurant 

    Bangtao Beach:

    • Phuket Adventure Mini Golf
    • Ola Minimart 
    • Bananamart


    • Klong Bar & Restaurant 


    • Food For Foreigners 
    • Viking Bar & Restaurant 

    Phuket Town: 

    • Meng Tobacco 

    Snus in Pattaya

    A picture of Pattaya beach with a location sign with the words "locations in Pattaya" written on it. 

    In Pattaya, Snus can be found at a variety of locations, ensuring that residents and visitors have access to their preferred products:

    • The Queen Victoria
    • Siamburi’s
    • Food Mart
    • Scandalic Bar and Rooms
    • Jomtien Beach Pool House
    • Kåres Party Bar
    • Scandic Apartments
    • ZIP Hotel & Restaurant

     Snus in Koh Chang, Rayong, Lopburi and Udon Thani

    4 pictures of Koh Chang, Rayong, Lopburi and Udon Thani with a location sign on each picture with the words "locations" written on each picture


    • Olearys.S.B.D

    Koh Chang: 

    • Wine Gallery
    • White Elephant
    • NooM Guesthouse & Restaurant

    Udon Thani:

    • Cheese To Meet You

    Nationwide Delivery

    A map of Thailand with a location sign on it written "Nationwide Deliveries"

    For Snus enthusiasts in Thailand, especially in locations not listed, the nationwide delivery service offered by Thailand Snus is a convenient solution. This service allows access to a broad selection of Snus products across the country, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their location, can enjoy their favorite Snus. It addresses the challenge of finding quality Snus in less accessible areas, making it an essential service for both local and expatriate communities in Thailand.

    Tips for Buying Snus in Thailand

    A black background with a chalk board on the right and the words "helpful tips" written on it. On the left hand side a tin of Lenny's Loose Snus.

    When buying Snus in Thailand, consider the product's freshness and quality. Look for reputable outlets, as listed in this guide, known for their wide selection and high standards. Understanding local regulations regarding tobacco products can also enhance your buying experience. Always verify the product details, such as flavor and nicotine content, to ensure they meet your preferences. For areas beyond physical stores, leveraging Thailand Snus's nationwide delivery can provide convenience and access to a broader range of options, making it easier to enjoy Snus wherever you are in Thailand.

    Future of Snus in Thailand

    A road going into the far distance and the words "The Future" written in the foreground. At the top a tin of Odens' Extra Stark Snus.

    The future of Snus in Thailand looks promising, with growing awareness and an expanding market. As health-conscious individuals seek alternatives to smoking, Snus could become increasingly popular for its smokeless quality. We might see a broader range of flavors and strengths to cater to diverse preferences, along with improved distribution channels, including online sales and nationwide delivery services. Additionally, the potential for local production could emerge, aligning with global trends and contributing to the Snus market's growth in Thailand.

    FAQ Section

    Q: Is Snus legal to buy and use in Thailand?
    A: Yes, Snus is legal to buy and use in Thailand, but it's important to purchase from reputable sources to ensure compliance with local regulations.

    Q: Can I find Snus in any convenience store in Thailand?
    A: While Snus is available in Thailand, it's primarily found in specified outlets (see list above), bars, and specialized stores, rather than all convenience stores.

    Q: Does Thailand Snus offer a wide variety of products?
    A: Yes, Thailand Snus provides a wide range of Snus products, catering to various preferences in flavors and strengths.

    Q: How can I ensure the Snus I buy is fresh?
    A: Buying from well-known, reputable stores or directly from established delivery services like Thailand Snus can ensure product freshness.

    Q: Can I order Snus online for delivery anywhere in Thailand?
    A: Yes, services like Thailand Snus offer nationwide delivery, making it convenient to order Snus online from anywhere in Thailand.

    Q: Are there any specific tips for first-time Snus users in Thailand?
    A: First-time users should start with milder varieties to gauge their tolerance and preferences before exploring stronger options.