Snus from Swedish Match is in a class of its own.


GOTHIATEK is the world-unique quality standard pursued by Swedish Match since 2000. They guarantee that their snus maintains uncompromising quality by maintaining unique expertise and control at all stages – from tobacco seed to finished can.

The rigorous requirements that GOTHIATEK places on products stem from decades of research and development, putting product safety and consumer protection in the foreground. In this way, Swedish Match have successfully converted classic Swedish craftsmanship into a modern production process.

Swedish Match’s laboratory is unique. More than 80 scientists, chemists and product developers guarantee that they live up to standard. Every year, they run more than 300,000 quality tests in the laboratory, which translates into more than 1,000 tests every workday! GOTHIATEK makes sure that they place tougher demands on the contents of the products than Swedish food legislation and the recommendations of the WHO Study Group on Tobacco Product Regulation (WHO/TobREG) do in terms of maximum levels of undesirable compounds in smokefree tobacco products. Swedish Match are the only snus manufacturer that can 100% guarantee that every can meets the GOTHIATEK standards.

GOTHIATEK is built on three cornerstones

  • Consumer care – through uniquely low limits for undesirable substances.
  • Quality  – through 100% control from seed to can.
  • Openness – through information about the company’s products and research results.

GOTHIATEK is under constant development

The work Swedish Match does to improve products never ceases. New technological advances, new measurement methods and new insights mean that Swedish Match continuously develop and upgrade GOTHIATEK.

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