Snus and nicotine pouches packaging and design.

Posted by Thailand Snus on 18 сентября, 2023

Snus and nicotine pouches are smokeless tobacco products that are typically sold in small, discrete, and user-friendly packaging due to their intended use as alternatives to smoking. Here are some common characteristics of their packaging and design:

Miniature Cans or Tins: Snus and nicotine pouches are packaged in small, round cans or tins made of metal or plastic. These cans are designed to be pocket-sized and convenient for users to carry around. Some even come in very small or ‘mini’ format making them even more discreet.

Color Coding: Manufacturers often use color-coding to differentiate between various flavors and strengths. Different colors and labeling help users easily identify their preferred product. Most colors and flavor coding are based on the flavor so most brands stick to the expected color, such as green or blue for mint, etc. But always double check what’s written on the box as sometimes the colors aren’t so obvious.

Product Information: Packaging typically includes essential information such as the brand name, flavor, nicotine content, manufacturer and sale by date. Different countries will have different requirements. Here in Thailand the importer details are also required.

Resealable Lids: Most cans feature resealable lids or closures to maintain product freshness and prevent the pouches or snus from drying out. Many will also have a secondary lid to dispose of the used pouches on a temporary basis which can then be emptied into a bin when convenient.

Minimalistic and Modern Designs: Snus and nicotine pouch packaging often have a sleek and modern look, reflecting their appeal to a wide range of consumers, including younger adults. Minimalistic designs and clean fonts are common.

Texture and Embossing: Some brands use textured or embossed labels and logos to add a tactile element to the packaging, making it more visually appealing. Some even have a double label where the top label can be peeled back to reveal a second label with more information,

Sustainability: In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on sustainable packaging in the industry. Some companies have started using eco-friendly materials and emphasizing their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Child-Resistant Packaging: To comply with regulations and protect children from accessing these products, child-resistant packaging mechanisms, such as push-and-turn lids, may be used.

Portioning: Nicotine pouches, in particular, are designed for discreet and precise use. The packaging often includes individual pouches, making it easy for users to control their nicotine intake.

Marketing and Branding: Like other products, branding and marketing play a significant role in attracting consumers. Companies may use branding and slogans to convey a particular lifestyle or image associated with their products. Examples are the Fox in White Fox, the bear in Siberia, etc.

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