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Swedes invented snus and nicotine pouches to make their lives healthier.

Swedes were the first to invent snus. They also invented nicotine pouches, which are similar to loose snus but come in a pouch and both are put under your lip. They wanted to find a healthier alternative to smoking and chewing tobacco. They also wanted something that was more discreet and could be used anywhere with no smoke.

Snus was first introduced in Sweden in the mid-19th century. The invention of snus has been attributed to a Swedish doctor named Johan Lundahl, who developed it as a treatment for various ailments. However, he later modified his recipe to include tobacco and sold it as an alternative to smoking tobacco products like cigarettes or cigars.

Snus was originally called "tobacco powder" because it looked like the ground tobacco used in cigarettes and cigars, but soon grew into its own unique product line with different flavors and packaging options like cans or small pouches (which are called portions).

Why Were Nicotine Pouches Invented?

If tobacco is so satisfying and successful, why would manufacturers of tobacco-free products try and compete? The answer is because of a shift in consumer demand. Users of tobacco products, such as cigarettes, dip and snus, loved the stimulating effects but longed for fresher flavors. As a result, nicotine pouches were invented, and they were instantly a hit because they offered the ultimate smoke-free nicotine satisfaction solution. Users could finally enjoy nicotine with a discreet format for easy concealment under the lip.


Nicotine pouches (also known as nicopods) are such a huge segment of the market today that they feel like they’ve been around forever. However, they have really only been around since 2015. Nicotine pouches burst onto the market and then began a slow, upward climb to the level that we see today. That is due to a number of factors, but it mainly boils down to this: nicotine pouches are easier to produce, cheaper to produce, and more approachable to people wanting to quit smoking. When people are quitting smoking, many of them are wanting to quit tobacco in general, and that’s where nicotine pouches come into play.


Development of Nicotine Pouches


Due to the upward trend of nicotine pouch use more and more companies entered the market to produce their own blends and flavors. Over the past decade certain companies have come to the forefront with quality, reliable products. Leaders in the industry include, Swedish Match, GN Tobacco, BAT, NGP, Klint and 77, amongst others. With the emergence of new companies have come more and more flavors catering for all tastes, ranging from the original ‘tobacco’ flavors to fruit, bubble gum, liquorice, etc. The choice is endless. How Do you choose? Try them until you find the one you like.


Different pouch sizes have also been introduced, as well as the original we now have slim, super slim and mini making the use of them more and more discreet. Again, the only way to find the ideal size is to try them.


The history of snus and nicotine pouches, or nicopods, has been a long winding road, spanning centuries and a few countries but the improvements from the early days to the huge varieties that we have today have been worth every step.