How much snus is in one tin?
There are 20 portions of snus in one tin

How do you import the snus?
Our Snus is manufactured in Sweden and is imported by air direct to us in Thailand

Who is the snus imported from?
Swedish Match is the world’s largest manufacturer of snus and we have an exclusive agreement with Swedish Match to import to Thailand

Are there other companies importing Swedish snus?
We are the only company in Thailand to legally sell imported snus.

Are there plans to launch any new types of snus soon?
We import new types of snus approximately every 6 weeks so stock choices will increase.

Is it the same as snus made in the USA?
Scandinavian Snus and American snus are very similar

Can snus be frozen?
Yes. Snus can be kept frozen for about one year.

Can it help people give up smoking?
Yes, just 8 per cent of Swedish men now smoke on a daily basis – itself a record-low percentage – compared with a European Union
average of just over 25 per cent.

What are the health effects?
The health consequences have been nothing short of amazing. Swedish men have the lowest rate of lung and oral cancer in Europe.
A paper published in 2014 by the National Institutes of Health reported that this “mortality advantage” was directly attributable to
“the degree of dominance of snus use in the different age groups of Swedish men.”

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