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Snus has been around for many years and you have probably heard that nicotine pouches are getting more and more popular. You’ve probably seen nicopods and snus advertised or on social media. Many ex-smokers have turned to them and all kinds of people use them including sports personalities, especially in the footballing world. Jamie Vardy, Jamaal Lascelles, Victor Lindelof, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have all been reported to use a nicotine pouch at times. So what are the benefits?

Firstly we’ll have a quick look at cigarettes. We all known the dangers that come with smoking, lung disease, strokes, heart disease, cancer, low stamina and the stigma that is associated with smoking. What makes nicopods different is that there is no smoke to inhale so not only is it discreet but also, they are a lot cleaner. Cigarettes contain some 70+ harmful ingredients, that alone is a reason to switch.

Healthwise snus and nicotine pouches are one of the safest and healthiest ways to use nicotine. We all know the dangers that come with cigarettes and the use of vapes is not a lot better. Whilst they are not thought to be as bad as cigarettes the ingredients in many vapes is unknown especially when they are sold on the black market as they are unregulated. Inhaling smoke containing chemicals cannot be good and will lead to respiratory problems.

Snus and nicotine pouches do not burn and there is no inhaling of anything. The health benefits over cigarettes and vaping are huge which is why hundreds of thousands of people worldwide switch to their use every year with little or no side effect.

Then there is the ease of use. Any form of smoking comes with a social stigma as no users don’t want the smell or health issues that come from smoking. Nicopods are unseen when they are used and no one would know that you have one under your lip. This means you can use them at work, in the office, on planes, in clubs and restaurants and even on flights.

Nicopods are also known to give an energy boost and increase alertness similar to having a cup of coffee, they can also wake you up if you’re feeling down or sleepy. Some manufacturers now are making coffee and mocha flavored nicotine pouches so you could use them as your morning go to fix.

The variety of flavors is also a great thing with nicotine pouches and snus. Manufacturers over the years have followed the trends and have produced all kinds of flavors for everyone. You name it and it’s probably out there – Pineapple, Energy Drink, Bubble Gum, Blueberry, Mango, Lemongrass, the list is almost endless and just when you think you’ve seen them all along comes ice cream flavors.

The use of snus and pouches is incredibly easy, you just open the tin take one out and put it under your lip. You‘ll no longer have to take a 10 minute cigarette break at work and be shouted at by the boss for taking too long. Also the circular tins fit easily into a trouser or shirt pocket and even into a bag. Lightweight, they also have a separate compartment to store your used pouches so that you can discard them when it’s convenient.

At Thailand Snus we carry brands from some of the biggest manufacturers in the world and are always looking for new products. We also have a huge array of flavors and strengths so the only problem you’ll have is choosing the right one that is right for you.